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Common Mistakes in Mobile App Development


There is a neck-to-neck competition between Android and IOS. Both application development giants are motivated to draw new trends for the users. Mobile app developers add thousands of applications into the play stores.

What is the reason that most applications can never get successful, while there are few that reach the top attention among users?  There are multiple reasons that can contribute to failure or success. Let’s explore how the Lack or, perfection in functionality and features contributes. 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid in Mobile Application Development:

Do Not Develop for Too Many Platform

Whether you are intending to be on every platform or, making an effort to maintain your presence everywhere, you must choose a single platform. Most of the brands intend to gain good results, but it is not obvious. Your App can get fail due to not specifying a better platform which can also supports the brand idea. Every Platform has its own pros and cons, whether its windows, Android or, iOS. Always choose a platform which suits your brand and app idea.  Also get a clue about your target audience, whether great in number in Android or iOS.  Prefer the Android users because they are large in number over iOS globally.

Do Not Build an Application for Everything

When the developer tends to deploy everything in a single app, it makes the programming more complex. The chances of error are higher due to heavy deployment of functions. Keep the application simple and with less but functioning features. A simple app is more viable when building an MVP. The ideas and the developing capabilities must correlate, and the experience must be high if building a heavy and multi-featured app. If your app is not simple and easy to use, and always causes issues due to dozens of features, then forget attracting more visitors.

Releasing Updates on Time

Applications need improvements constantly because it is impossible to develop an application which is perfect in every aspect and, functions a user needs.   More available number of users and user interaction is a core need for online mobile applications. Try to update your app with the most recent and latest updates on a regular basis to maintain the functionality and an active presence in the market.

Absence of Marketing

Releasing your app or, game on a relevant app store is not enough, advertising it to the right audience to get sales results. No one will notice your app in the store if you don’t follow a strong marketing strategy. You can advertise the app through niche blogs after identifying your targeted audience.

App Testing

In the field of mobile app development, it is crucial to test the app before its release. Though, it is even irrelevant to assume that, most of the app developers don’t test the app before its launch.  If not tested properly, there are high chances that your app would get fail.  If you are not able to perform proper testing of the app on your own then let other people try your app. The feed that you will get can enhance your application’s usability. To understand that your software works correctly, Beta Testing is one of the preferred options to test the app on different hardware and OS setups.

You can hire Mobile App Development Company Dubai to ensure adequate testing of your app. It is necessary to test the app on regular intervals, on different platforms, devices, and versions.

The design and, logical systematic flow is also a core factor to catch the eyes of the user. Once the user opens the app, the user must get proper guideline in a systematic way. The app must show an organized path to follow the instructions and, relevant information. Too many pop-ups and, a load of information can confuse a user. And, consider all the visual and, developmental components equally important. There so many mistakes which are common and unseen.


The right marketing strategy and, Pre-launch testing is very important. The mobile app developers need better analysis tools to check the measure and, monitor the apps.

The framework is also important since the multiple platforms are more prevalent, but it is better to choose a single platform like Android or iOS when you lack the finances.

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