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Why We Need Logo Design?

Why We Need Logo Design?


A company’s identification is provided by its logo, which is a visual representation of text and imagery. The brand’s objective and guiding ideals are well reflected in a strong logo.

Making the perfect visual brand symbol for a company is the aim of logo design. According to the type, a logo normally consists of a symbol, brandmark, logotype, and tagline.

Your audience can more easily understand your message when you use logo design as a visual communication tool. Text, color, shape, and graphics all go into making a logo. People can use this image to connect with your brand because it is self-explanatory. By offering your audience something to connect your brand and ideas with, you are simultaneously educating them.

A logo’s Purpose is What?

Beyond only being aesthetically pleasing on your packaging and marketing materials, your brand logo has a functional role. If you want to boost brand engagement, you should keep it in your toolbox.

You may influence consumer decisions in addition to acting as your company’s public face. According to a survey, clients value a business’s visual identity. When choosing a product, 74% of consumers cite this as an important consideration.

Why We Need Logo Design?

Because it attracts attention, leaves a good first impression, forms the basis of your brand identity, is memorable, distinguishes you from competitors, encourages brand loyalty, and is anticipated by your target audience. A company’s core values can be interestingly communicated through a logo, which can rapidly catch viewers’ attention. If you have a strong logo to represent your business, that short attention span—you know, the one that leads customers to judge it by its appearance—can work to your benefit.

Four Regular Logo Types

It takes many various forms to master the art of brand identity creation. You can exhibit yourself in the marketplace in a variety of ways. Your options will be more varied as a result of becoming more knowledgeable with the many brand mark types, and you will be better able to determine which one is best for your company.


1 A Wordmark Symbol

Your company name is represented in full with the wordmark logo. This is a great alternative for new businesses because it allows your audience to get to know you better by your complete name. Large companies using this design include Google and Coca-Cola.

This style, which utilizes a brand’s abbreviated name, is also known as monogram logos or initial logos. When a brand or company has a long name and wants a clear visual identity, this is done. Additionally, it is a wise decision for long-standing businesses. Some of the well-known companies who adopted this style of design include Adage, Dunkin’, and Weight Watchers.

Symbol for a Combination Mark

The combo mark combines the two aforementioned designs. Some of the most recognizable combination mark logos in use today include those of Adobe and Balmain Paris. Because it simultaneously presents two distinct forms of your identity, this design aids in more immediate brand introduction.

Brand Name

Not every logo includes text. A brand mark logo, in contrast to the styles we’ve covered thus far, just employs drawings to identify the brand. This design is utilized by well-known businesses like Starbucks and Apple.

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