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What Are 8 Types of Graphic Design?

What Are 8 Type of Graphics Design?


A wide range of design styles are included in the discipline of graphic design. Each form of graphic design has its own distinct traits, methods, and uses. We will look at eight different forms of graphic design in this post.

Designing a Brand

Designing visual components such as logos, color programs, and typeface that reflect a business or organization is known as rebranding development. The goal of brand architects is to produce a unified and enduring visual brand identity that faithfully captures the essence and character of the business.

Designing Visual Components

to advertise a good or service is known as advertising design. Creating print advertisements, billboards, internet ads, and social media campaigns are examples of this. Advertising designers need to be adept at producing captivating images and compelling copy those appeals to their target market.

Designing User Interfaces (UIs)

The visual components of digital interfaces, such as websites and mobile applications, are created through the process of UI design. Interaction designers strive to provide platforms that are aesthetically pleasing, simple to use, and straightforward.

Designing Printed 

products including books, periodicals, media outlets, and flyers is known as publishing design. Typography, layout, and visual hierarchy are just a few of the elements that magazine designers have to take into account when creating designs that successfully convey content.


Environmental Planning

Creating physical surroundings and venues such as grocery stores, museums, and public areas is known as designing the environment. To build environments that are practical, aesthetically pleasing, and interesting for customers, environmental designers must take into account elements like lighting, color, and layout.

Design of Motion

Creating animated images and graphics, such as title sequences for films, TV shows, and advertisements, is part of motion animation. To produce compelling and successful graphics for motion pictures, motion illustrators must be skilled in animation, visual effects, and narrative.

Design of Illustration

Hand-drawn or digital drawings are created for usage in a range of media, including books, magazines, websites, and advertising campaigns. To produce visually stunning and successful pictures, illustration designers must have great drawing abilities as well as an eye for structure and color. Create engaging and memorable visuals that communicate information effectively, increase brand recognition, and create a positive impression of a brand or product.

Packaging Design

Entails creating the aesthetic features of product packaging, such as labels, boxes, and bags. To produce designs that are attractive and successful for conveying knowledge, designers who create packaging have to consider variables such as branding, product information, and packaging performance.

The 8 types of graphic design are important in many ways, as they help to communicate ideas and information visually, promotes products and services, and create memorable branding and visual identities.

To summarize, each style of graphic design is critical in developing successful visual communication in a number of circumstances. Graphic design aids in the creation of successful visual communication that engages, informs, and persuades people, from selling goods and services to increasing brand awareness and generating unique visual brands.

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